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What is accreditation and how do I get it?

Do you love children and singing, and wish you could turn it into a career? Are you a music educator looking to enhance your studio offerings or side teaching gigs? Kindermusik's a cappella curricula might be the perfect fit. Find out more about our accreditation process, which includes course completion, age-specific exams and teaching assessments, and a one-time vocal review.


Are you a music or early childhood educator who needs age-specific teaching tips? A private studio owner music lessons teacher who wants a stronger class offering?

Consider our on-demand courses which now provide digital microcredentials.

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A Kindermusik course (depending on the type) provides approximately 10-30 hours of professional development training on teaching music and movement for specific age groups. Each course starts with our company's philosophies, unlocks (for a limited time) one unit of our curriculum, and shows you how age-appropriate read-aloud, instrument play, song, and dance can boost musical learning. All of our age-specific courses are precursors to becoming a Kindermusik Accredited Educator.

Accreditation refers to the path that earns you the right to use the Kindermusik trademark as a recognized provider of Kindermusik® classes designed for parents/caregivers and children. You can get a complete inside look at the accreditation process, what our Accredited Educators receive, and how to turn teaching our curricula into profit by signing up for our Free Teacher Overview.

  • Advertise Kindermusik classes using the Kindermusik logo and trademark, Kindermusik marketing materials, etc.
  • Set your own pricing, location, and schedule for your program.
  • Offer in-person and/or virtual Kindermusik classes within a studio environment, your community, childcare centers, or preschools for the levels in which you have accreditation.
  • Teach for another accredited program offering Kindermusik classes.

  • Step 1: Complete at least one course, Standard or Premium, for one of the Kindermusik levels, before submitting the application to become accredited.
  • Step 2: Fill out an Application for Accreditation for your specific level. There is a $25 USD application fee (one time fee only). Application includes submitting a vocal evaluation. You must pass the vocal requirement in order for your application to be accepted.
  • Step 3: If you are a resident of the United States or Canada, you must submit a background check.
  • Step 4: If accepted, you will be entered into the Accreditation Exam Course, complete the Masterful Teaching Modules, review video requirements, and then film one full class for assessment. The exam fee is $75 USD per level. You must pass this Accreditation Exam to become an accredited Kindermusik educator.

Completing a course does not automatically earn you accreditation. You will receive a microcredential and a certificate of completion for each course taken. You are not accredited to “teach Kindermusik” immediately upon receiving your microcredential and certificate, but these assets are the first step in becoming a Kindermusik accredited educator.

A digital badge or microcredential is like a multi-layered certificate. It goes beyond telling what you earned and when you earned it—it details the requirements of the achievement and the amount of time and work you put forth to earn it, which immediately sets you apart from others in your field. Badges are sharable on your social platforms, email signature, website, resumé, and more to help you edge out competition, prove your worth, and grow your professional community. You can find out more about our available digital badges and badging process here.

In order to become fully accredited you must take a course (Standard or Premium) for every Kindermusik level and pass the Accreditation exam for each of these levels. 5 levels are currently available to become fully accredited. View current course options here.

Full accreditation is not required to get started teaching. Earning accreditation with one or two levels is a great way to get into the classroom and start earning income right away as you build your family base. You can earn accreditation in other levels gradually if you wish to add more age levels.

A Standard Course is a self-paced, non-graded course, with approximately 10 hours of work for each level. Standard courses may be best suited for someone who wants to learn a little more about how to use music and movement with young children to enhance all areas of their development. This course covers a brief introduction of Kindermusik and our history and philosophies, as well as typical age-specific developmental milestones. Additionally, lesson components and tips for those who simply want to add musical play into daily teaching strategies are included. A microcredential and course completion certificate are provided as well as options to continue a path toward accreditation.

A Premium course is highly recommended if you are considering a pursuit of Kindermusik accreditation and for those who are not familiar with Kindermusik's curriculum. The Premium Course is the absolute best way to prepare for our level-specific teaching accreditation requirements. This course is about 30 hours of work per level including required 4-lesson student teaching classes. Premium Training offers the advantage of personal feedback and coaching from an accomplished Kindermusik educator who has been teaching and running their own studio for many years. Weekly live group calls will take a deeper look at the Kindermusik philosophies and Masterful Teaching techniques.

There is no time limit when applying for accreditation. However, it is recommended that you apply for accreditation soon after taking the course, so that the content is fresh in your mind and you have an increased chance of passing.

Yes. Upon completion of the required accreditation path and acceptance of your License Agreement, the monthly Accreditation fee is $65.95 USD (no matter how many levels of accreditation you have). Kindermusik provides access to our exclusive content and curriculum, enrollment system, educator community, discounts on music/books/instruments, marketing and business tools and much more!

The other required monthly fees to Kindermusik are enrollment fees which are $2.10 USD per family, per class meeting for all enrolled families (taxes applicable).

Yes, you are given the option to purchase for yourself or another recipient at checkout.

You must be an Accredited Educator to access and offer classes using the Kindermusik Studio Curricula.

Kindermusik has both accredited and non-accredited resources and programs to serve a variety of organizational needs. Please see resources for more information for using non-accredited Kindermusik resources and programs in early childhood organizations, home visiting programs and other community based programs.

Currently, the courses are only available in English.

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