Showcase your skills with music education digital badges.

All Kindermusik University courses provide shareable microcredentials, increasing your value and edging out competition.

What’s a digital badge and how does it help me?

A digital badge is an online recognition and verification of an achievement which you’re able to share via social platforms, email signatures, and websites. Future employers, customers, and partners can check out what you earned, how hard you worked to earn it, and why it sets you apart in just a click.

How can I earn music education digital badges through Kindermusik?

All of our age-specific courses provide music education digital badges upon completion.

The Kindermusik Accredited Level 1 digital badge. This signifies to audiences that the earner is approved to teach the a cappella studio curricula to children and families.

Accreditation Badges

(Foundations - Level 4)

The Accreditation badge is the highest microcredential offered by Kindermusik University, and represents the ability to teach Kindermusik’s a cappella studio curricula. Available after completion of each by-level course, this badge proves an earner passed our Accreditation Exam, is able to sing in age-appropriate pitch, and has successfully led a live class according to our teaching rubric.

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The Kindermusik Level 1 Graded Course Completion badge. Our graded music education digital badges signify a passed assessment of the earner’s ability to grasp and teach Kindermusik concepts.

Graded Course Completion Badges

(Foundations - Level 4)

The Graded Course Completion Badge proves that an earner completed the Premium version of any age-specific course which includes group coaching, a teaching practicum, and a final assessment. It does not approve earners to teach Kindermusik’s a cappella studio curricula, but they are able to apply for the Accreditation Exam associated with that age level upon completion of their coursework.

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The Kindermusik Level 1 Basic Course Completion Badge. Our basic course completion badges represent the completion of a Standard Kindermusik age-specific course.

Basic Course Completion Badges

(Foundations - Level 4)

The Basic Course Completion Badge shows that an earner completed all modules of the Standard version of any age-specific course (which does not include coaching, practicum, or assessment). It does not approve earners to teach Kindermusik’s a cappella studio curricula, but they are able to apply for the Accreditation Exam associated with that age level upon completion of their coursework.

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A digital badge or microcredential is like a multi-layered certificate. It goes beyond telling what you earned and when you earned it—it details the requirements of the achievement and the amount of time and work you put forth to earn it, which immediately sets you apart from others in your field. Badges are sharable on your social platforms, email signature, website, resumé, and more to help you edge out competition, prove your worth, and grow your professional community.

Credly is the industry leader in digital badging, and has issued more than 32 million badges worldwide. Kindermusik chose to work with them because of their commitment to customer service, learning equity, and international reach.

All Kindermusik age-specific courses come with a digital badge. Upon completion of the course, your digital badge is distributed within 3-5 business days to your inbox via Credly.

We also offer some exclusive badges to Accredited Educators (like Top Program) and our Employee Owners (our corporate employees).

You can see our full suite of digital badges here:

When you earn music education digital badges from Kindermusik, you can immediately share it to your social networks or embed the linkable badge image within your website or email signature.

For studio educators who teach our curricula, this not only helps families understand the value of the Kindermusik curricula, it edges out competition.

For those just beginning a career in music education (from college students to retirees who are ready to try something new), digital badges are an easy way for future employers to verify your achievements, work ethic, and early childhood education expertise.

For non-music educators, it’s an easy way to prove professional development hours, pump up your resume for future career opportunities, and connect with other early childhood experts committed to bringing the power of music to all learning environments.

Kindermusik digital badges are earned at the completion of each age-specific course.

The type of course you take does affect the type of badge received—Standard age-specific courses result in Basic Course Completion badges, while Premium age-specific courses result in Graded Course Completion badges (due to the graded practicum component).

Accreditation badges are only able to be earned after 1) the completion of a Standard or Premium course, and 2) after passing the Kindermusik Accreditation Exam. This is the only badge that approves individuals to teach our a cappella studio curricula (most often used in private studios).

Badges are delivered within 3-5 business days of completion of any age-specific course or Accreditation Exam. All notifications come from Credly, with instructions on how to set up an account, claim your badge, share it, and more.

Yes. All of our badges come with a printable certificate, which you can access directly from Credly. So, you can hang it in your space for everyone to see!

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