Level 1

(1-2 years)

For young toddlers

What should a music class for young toddlers look like?

More than singing and playing instruments. Kindermusik Level 1 in-person or virtual classes include those things, along with opportunities for toddlers to explore new movement and language skills through dance, creative movement, echo songs, and more.

Kindermusik Level 1 classes are music and movement classes for toddlers.
Toddler playing castanets. What to expect in a music class for toddlers.

What to expect…

Object Exploration

From hoops to mirrors to harmonicas, you and your toddler will explore new objects together to help boost fine motor skills and other key milestones.

Basic Music Concepts

Tap, tap, tap...Level 1 students will learn how to keep a steady beat and experience opposites in music, such as high/low and fast/slow.

More Complex Songs

You’ll take it up a notch and enjoy singing songs with your little one that include motions, repeated words, and different meters and modes.


Ready, set, move! Toddlers begin to develop control over small and large body muscles through fingerplays, circle dances, and creative movement.

Toddler exploring bells. What you’ll learn in a music class for toddlers.

What you’ll learn…

Body Awareness

As toddlers move in different ways, they begin to understand their own bodies and develop self-control of movement.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Toddlers begin to develop basic gross-motor skills and coordination, as well as better control over fine-motor movement.

Math and Language Fundamentals

Toddlers begin to recognize patterns in music and have an increased sense of steady beat, both skills linked to math and language.

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