For decades thousands of teachers across the world have witnessed the joy and benefits Kindermusik brings to the classroom. With online resources and self-paced training videos, Kindermusik is accessible to everyone, with zero musical knowledge required.

Kindermusik’s culturally-responsive, research-driven music and movement programs are aligned with the ELOF and CLASS™ and have been successfully implemented by Head Start & Early Head Start programs across the United States.


Kindermusik Baby Bags provide tools needed to create meaningful interactions with your littlest learners and can easily be implemented in both home or school environments. Developed for non-mobile infants, each bag contains 20 multi-sensory activities to impact every learning domain, facilitate bonding, and launch a lifelong love of music. Easy to grab, use, and store, Kindermusik Baby Bags are safety tested and developmentally appropriate for newborns to age one. 1:1 and Group Baby Bags available.

From birth, music-making promotes the practice of recognizing relationships between sounds and symbols. Our Foundations curriculum creates a sensory-rich, yet caring and gentle environment where infants can explore and react to new sounds, sensations, and objects. Flexible activities for tummy time, object exploration, vocal play and more are part of this joyful music-making experience.

Wiggle & Giggle

The Level 1 curriculum offers young toddlers stimulating activities that allow them to explore their new movement and language skills with a sense of security, comfort, and confidence. Short but impactful play-based lessons encourage development of basic gross-motor skills, fine-motor control, and coordination, while enabling children to express thoughts and feelings naturally and easily through movement and music.

Moving & Grooving

The Level 2 curriculum is bursting with activities to encourage older toddlers to initiate their own ideas and explore their creativity. Songs, stories, music making, and plenty of movement offer plenty of fun outlets for toddler-style energy while promoting cognitive development. Greeting and goodbye rituals help make transitions from parent to teacher and from home to school easy!

Kindermusik Family Engagement

Boosting Family Engagement

We share Head Start’s philosophy on the critical role of family and caregivers in a child’s development. Our family engagement tools support and foster connection and reinforce classroom learning at home. Families enjoy making lasting musical memories while strengthening the family bond.

Kindermusik Kits

Families enjoy monthly or quarterly kits that include: props, age-appropriate instruments, CDs with music learned in class, family guide magazines with fun activities and tips for family and child development (available in English or Spanish.)

Kindermusik Kits
Kindermusik Family Engagement

Kindermusik Online

Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese, Kindermusik Online provides at-home and on-the-go learning tools for children and their caregivers. Families receive monthly emails and access to a Kindermusik dashboard, filled with interactive games, stories, video field trips, album downloads, and parenting tips.

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