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Designed to work in virtually any educational setting, our research-driven curricula provide a unique and effective way to reach children of all backgrounds, developmental levels, and learning styles. We offer five developmentally appropriate levels for newborns through seven-year-olds, with each activity providing the groundwork for building language, literacy, math, and social-emotional skills. The fun and joy inherent in music-making encourages positive teacher-child interactions, and creates an engaging and disciplined classroom routine.

Kindermusik is easy to implement and perfectly complements Pre-K and Kindergarten programs in public schools, private schools, and childcare centers. We even offer solutions for Head Start and Early Head Start, English Language Learning programs, special needs programs, after-school programs and international schools.

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How It Works

Classroom teachers become an extension of Kindermusik as they lead children through playful, interactive, and developmentally appropriate music and movement activities. Our all-inclusive curriculum kits provide tools that make it easy for teachers to guide and participate in the activities, assess their students, and have fun.

Lesson Plans at a Glance

Our lesson plans are intentional, developed using a tested and repeatable formula. The individual activities within each lesson, such as greetings, storytime, and instrument play, are strategically placed for maximum engagement. The establishment of repetition and rituals allows children to take comfort in knowing what’s coming, encouraging creative participation within the established framework.


Our curriculum aligns with the established standards for the following high-quality early childhood programs:

  • Common Core State Standards
  • Head Start Standards and Frameworks
  • Early Head Start School Readiness Goals for Infants and Toddlers
  • Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS®)
  • Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS)
  • Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS)

Kindermusik Home

The addition of Kindermusik Home encourages family involvement, facilitating at-home learning and creating opportunities for caregivers to get involved in their child's education.


Results from an independent research study showed that preschoolers who participated in Kindermusik Level 3 curriculum for as little as 30 minutes each week showed a 32% greater gain in early language and literacy skills than the control group.


Our school curriculum kits offer enough structure to make it easy for teachers that are new to Kindermusik to follow along without the need to adhere to a rigid lesson plan. Available for five levels of learning, each kit includes developmentally appropriate, safety-tested instruments and manipulatives to enhance music-based learning activities. Easy Guides, Teach-Along Audio and access to our online resource center make Kindermusik easy to integrate into any school setting, with any teacher.

Curriculum Kits

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Where it Works

Kindermusik programs are easy to implement, with curricula designed to work in virtually any school-based, home-based, or childcare setting, including:

In class:

In the field:

Girl Playing Recorder

Benefits Beyond Music

Bring Kindermusik programming to your school and you’ll foster whole-child development, increase school readiness, and share the joy and power of music-making.

Kindermusik encourages and models effective teacher-child interactions, supporting each pillar of the CLASS Assessment:

Emotional Support

  • Warmth, enthusiasm, and enjoyment; positive emotional tone
  • Solicitation of student feedback and responsiveness to students’ needs and interests
  • Teacher flexibility and respect for student autonomy

Classroom Organization

  • Effective management of instructional time for maximum learning
  • Presentation of clear behavioral expectations
  • Optimal facilitation of activities, giving students opportunity to experience and explore

Instructional Support

  • Language-stimulation and language-facilitation techniques
  • Clear presentation and explanation of new concepts
  • The use of repetition and expansion/extension

Boost Family Engagement with Kindermusik Home

Kindermusik Home

We recognize the vital role the family plays in a child’s overall academic success. When you include Kindermusik Home in your school programs, you provide parents and caregivers with fun activities that make it easy to get involved in their child's education. Students and their families sing their way to school, sing their way home, and continue to sing through the weekend, strengthening family connections and providing further support for social-emotional development. Kindermusik Home also provides opportunities for non-English speaking families to learn English together in an engaging, joyful way.

We’re happy to help you select the family engagement tools that best complement your school’s programs.

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What current schools are saying:

Kindermusik has helped my students find pure joy in music. The curriculum is extraordinary, developmentally appropriate ,engaging, and fun. The program is an essential part of their experience at school. The program has beautifully enhanced the students social experience, movement, and music in a fun and nurturing environment.

- Nicole Vasil
Early Childhood Teacher

Kindermusik has served to “jump start” early literacy and numeracy skill development for these children. The music and movement are irresistible and compelling. Children who were previously unavailable for social interaction and learning readily engage and are soon leading their peers in the routines of the program.

- Vicki Writsel
Associate Superintendent

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