Mommy and Me Classes

Age-appropriate music and movement classes that fuel bonding between you and your little one

What do you do in Mommy and Me classes?

More than just a sing-a-long. You’ll sway, shake, tap, imagine, connect, create, and so much more to pump up your child’s early brain development. Kindermusik Educators are committed to making classes joyful and beneficial for everyone, including grownups.

And they’re not just for mommies—dads, caregivers, grandparents, and more are welcome!

At the end of your Mommy and Me class, you’ll take home practical strategies to help fuel your child’s early brain development and keep those priceless musical memories going.

Mommy and Me classes for babies

In a Mommy and Me class for babies, Educators show you musical ways to help your baby self-soothe, maximize and enjoy tummy time, and boost bonding—a key component to meeting and exceeding early development markers.

You’ll experience:

Listening Skills

This is just the beginning of hearing music with different rhythms, sounds, and lyrical styles...and learning to respond to your voice. Early communication at its best!

Vocal Plays

Back-and-forth vocal plays and other grownup-baby interactions will amplify early language development and early social-emotional skills (turn-taking!).

Instrument and Prop Play

From watching the chime balls roll to playing peekaboo with scarves, your baby will experience a brain-boosting sensory playground.

Bonding Exercises

Get ready to cuddle. You’ll learn new techniques like baby massage to help your little one find calm and grow your relationship together.

2-year-old boy waves a blue scarf with his dad during a Kindermusik class.

Mommy and Me classes for toddlers

In a Mommy and Me class for toddlers, Educators help fuel your child’s sense of independence, curiosity, and creativity, while giving you ways to keep the learning going at home through sounds exploration, early imaginary play, and more.

You’ll explore:

New Objects and Instruments

Think shaking a shaker to the music and investigating instruments on their own. They’ll grow fine motor skills while you gently encourage their creativity.

Beginner Musical Concepts

We’ll find a steady beat together, experience opposites through high-and-low, fast-and-slow instrument and vocal play, and more.

Enhanced Musical Play

Toddlers will love fine-tuning fingerplays to the music, practicing repetition (hello, vocabulary!), and listening to songs with different meters and modes.

Whole-body Movement

Whether it’s practicing the same movements together or interpreting music on their own, your child pump up gross motor skills while moving and grooving to the beat.

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