We’re thrilled to be invited year after year as a featured presenter at The National Head Start Conference. Bring the excitement from this year’s conference back to your school. Download the Get a Head Start playlist + session highlights.

Harmony in the Classroom… and at Home: Using Music to Manage Challenging Behaviors While Building the Home-School Connection
Discover music-based activities – for school and home – to overcome and manage the challenging behaviors that can disrupt a child’s day.
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Fueling the STEAM Engine with Music
Infuse the Arts into STEM curriculum easily with the addition of music – which is proven to positively impact student’s math and science learning.
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Musical Tennis, Anyone? I Serve; You Return
Explore musical serve-and-return activities, a major ingredient in building brain architecture and shaping bonds between children and their caregivers.
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The Other 3 Rs – Routine, Rhythm, and Relaxation: Using Musical Rituals To Create Calm
Incorporate music rituals to overcome even the most challenging student behaviors and help children gain trust, confidence, and self-discipline.
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Get a Head Start with Kindermusik NHSA 2018 Playlist