Boost Your Business Potential with Kindermusik Programs

If you own a childcare, activity center, dance studio, music school, or other child-centric business, adding Kindermusik programming can help to build and differentiate your business. Kindermusik’s wide-ranging curricula is inclusive and comprehensive with classes designed for newborns through seven-year-olds, allowing you to welcome new families in the door and prepare young children for future music lessons.

We Take Early Music Education to the Next Level

Grow your revenue, profit, and student base through fun, interactive classes that incorporate the latest research in childhood development. Each lesson is designed to nurture multiple areas of a child’s development—including cognitive, language, physical, creative and social-emotional—and tap into a variety of individual learning styles.

In addition to a Foundations class for infants, we offer five levels of instruction that help develop:

  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Body control, awareness, and coordination
  • Communication, listening, and language skills
  • Creativity and curiosity
  • Patience and teamwork
  • Critical thinking and vocabulary
  • Working memory and decoding skills
  • And much more!

Benefits Beyond Music

Fill those empty studio hours with bustling activity and new customers. With Kindermusik programming you can…

  • Increase your revenue and profit
  • Attract a new customer base by adding early childhood Kindermusik classes
  • Provide a full spectrum of music education classes for students of all ages, with curricula for children as young as infants
  • Improve your lead tracking and follow-up procedures to get more students enrolled
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive training program, meeting and networking with other music studio owners along the way
  • Receive professional marketing support, including social media and website coaching
  • Make a positive impact on the children and families in your community

There's no extensive prep time required by your staff and you'll receive full marketing and advertising support to help ensure program success.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is a $50 USD non-refundable application fee. Payment of this fee does not guarantee acceptance into Kindermusik University.

Accepted applicants will be required to pay a $349 USD training fee. In addition, accepted applicants will be required to travel at their own expense to a TBD on-site training location for the face-to-face portion of training.

To ensure you have the potential to lead a class with your singing voice, you’ll need to pass a vocal review. We’ll ask you to memorize and sing several prescribed songs, unaccompanied and in a range appropriate for young children. Click here to see the requirements.

Yes. A group Skype call will be held at the beginning of the course. We expect you to be in constant communication with your coach via email or the training platform. And any time you feel you need additional help, you’re encouraged to reach out to your coach for a one-on-one Skype call.

The $349 fee is only charged after passing the vocal review. The $50 application fee is non-refundable.

No. Kindermusik University Studio Training is for people who have already made the decision to commit to Kindermusik and open a music studio and are ready to take immediate action to begin. Our expectation is that you will be teaching Kindermusik immediately after licensing. As such, this is not a preliminary or exploratory course and it is not a course simply for professional development or for your own personal knowledge.

Once you’ve completed and passed all of the training modules, attended the face-to-face conference, and satisfactorily completed your four (4) practicum classes (similar to student teaching), you will be a licensed Kindermusik educator!

Our goal is to prepare our graduates so they are ready to open their Kindermusik business within 6 – 8 weeks of graduation and licensing. During the course, you’ll have set up everything your business needs to get started. You’ll also have mastered the pedagogy and powerful teaching techniques for all of the Kindermusik age groups.

Yes! If you both want to be full business owners and both want to teach classes, then both of you need to take training. However, you do have the option of designating one of you as the Business Owner Only and one of you as the Teacher Only. The training would be slightly different and the license levels different once you graduate. Keep in mind that a Business Owner Only cannot teach classes and a Teach Only cannot access any of the business resources at

Kindermusik operates under a licensed program model. This eliminates the expensive franchise fees you would be paying if it were a franchise model. We train you to open a Kindermusik studio and teach the Kindermusik curricula, and you hold a license that allows you to use our curricula and marketing resources. When you accept the license agreement, you agree to abide by the guidelines Kindermusik has set for using its resources and teaching the classes.

If you would like to bring Kindermusik to your school or childcare center, please contact us at or (800) 628-5687.

If you own a music studio or other childhood-oriented business, aside from a daycare or preschool (which would fall under Kindermusik@School), yes, you may add Kindermusik to your roster. In fact we love partnering with existing studios!

Kindermusik has proven to be an excellent addition! Here’s why. Dance and music studios usually have unused hours during the day when children are in school. Adding classes during the daytime hours for babies and toddlers increases revenue without detracting from your existing schedule.

You’ll progress through the online training alongside a coach and classmates. Each week you can expect reading, assignments, and quizzes related to pedagogy and child development. You’ll also be asked to take action steps toward getting your business up and running. Hours vary depending on how familiar you are with child development concepts, and if you already have a business structure in place. In general, we recommend budgeting 5 to 10 hours each week to gain the most from your training.

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have at or call (800) 628-5687, and we’ll get you an answer as quickly as possible.

What current owners are saying:

Kindermusik classes filled those morning hours where my studio was empty.

- Samantha
Kindermusik Business Owner, Charleston, SC

Kindermusik is a quality early childhood program that reflects the same values as my studio.

- Carol
Kindermusik Business Owner, Salt Lake City, UT