Road Trip
How to Make Musical Memories

At Kindermusik, we’re all about making great parenting easier – and a whole lot more musical. We’ve put together some resources and ideas to put the music, love, and rhythm into drive time.

Download our Road Trip Rhythm playlist and sing along with your little one.

Playlist Includes:

  1. Wishy-Washy
  2. Skinnamarink
  3. Rig-a-Jig-Jig
  4. Ram Sam Sam
  5. Clapping Land
  6. Lukey's Boat
  7. Walk Along, Rover
  8. Peep Squirrel / Whisky Frisky
  9. Old MacDonald
  10. Usagi, Usagi (Rabbit, Rabbit)
  11. My Bonnie
  12. Yankee Doodle
  13. Lucy Locket
  14. Baby-O

Here are some easy ways to make your family taxi a more musical place that inspires learning and creates lifelong memories.

Come Prepared

Come prepared. Create playlists. Bring your iPod, smartphone, or even an old-fashioned CD in the car.


Relax & Listen. Sometimes the best way to enjoy music is to simply listen to it.


Sing. With or without music. Singing in the car is fun and engages everyone.


Talk about Music. Help your childe develop his or her ability to listen and focus on what he or she just heard.


Move. Encourage kids to bounce, wiggle, wave hands, and tap feet.


Explore a Variety of Music. You never know what will pique a child's interest.

Create Routines

Create Routines. Creating a fun and predictable routine with on-the-go musical activities, games, or sing-alongs can turn the drudgery of time in the car into something everyone looks forward to!

Be Engaged

Stay Engaged. Turn off your cell phones and be present. Model a love of music. Sing along and enjoy the music with your children and give the most precious, lifelong gifts a parent can give—the gift of music and memories.

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