Disney Junior

Kindermusik has partnered with Disney Junior, Disney’s platform of stories, programs, and more for its youngest audience and their families. We’re working together to create memorable music experiences for communities everywhere that highlight cultural awareness, creativity, and early education.



Kindermusik has partnered with Vroom, an early learning initiative, to turn shared moments like singing and dancing into brain building moments.

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Leading children’s book publisher Capstone is making our eBooks more widely available to libraries and classrooms through myON, the world’s largest interactive digital library.

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Studio Expansion

Studio Expansion

Kindermusik has partnered with Studio Expansion CEO Chantelle Bruinsma-Duffield to help thousands of performing arts studio owners with the vision, inspiration, and resources to create thriving studios and make an impact in the lives of others.

Discover the power and joy of music-based learning.

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